Business Plan

Business planning is an essential part of developing a successful business as it provides a vision for the future of the organisation, defining its:

  • Structure,
  • Products
  • Services,
  • Growth,
  • HR,
  • Communication,
  • Finance and
  • Development strategy
  • Researches  competitors and markets in which the organisation operates.

Business planning also reviews and develops your ethics and values to be at the heart of the organisation developing your point of difference and using these strengths to develop the organisations long term sustainability.

Our business planning consultants and specialists either support an organisation to create their business plan, through mentoring and coaching or via development sessions or we work closely through liaising with senior management to generate a tailored business plan.

As part of the development of a business plan we:-

  • Review and Evaluate possible product and service development options
  • Develop marketing plans
  • Review and Evaluation Risk
  • Define income generation activities and development
  • Create an organisation change matrix
  • Review  market need
  • Carry out research and stakeholder engagement
  • Create robust income and expenditure projections

As part of the business planning and development process our team of business planning consultants can support clients to undergo organisation change and growth.

Review and Restructure

In society the economy changes, therefore so must every business to meet the changing needs of customers. Restructuring an organisation can be the answer to make it competitive once more, ensuring financial security. Our team has the ability to review and evaluate the organisation and create a plan of action to restructure for the short, medium and long term needs of the organization.

Our team works with the organisation to review, evaluate and restructure the organisation to be “fit for purpose” in the future and promote your organisations “point of difference”.

Organisational Development

As business grows, so does the requirement for a robust infrastructure, well developed policies/procedures and sound day to day management, this coupled with well thought out and defined products and services lead to long term sustainability. It is easy to get into a rut, get caught up in the day to day operational issues and not know where to turn.

Feasibility Studies and Proposals

All new ideas and concept should be accompanied by research and evaluation to understand if their idea or concept is viable and to improve their chance of success. A feasibility study can inform investment, development and organisational change.

We are experienced in carrying out feasibility studies for a wide range of clients, we have undertaken both primary and secondary research for large and small projects to inform and provide essential data to prove that a development proposal will work. As part of the study we:

Write and undertake questionnaires and surveys

  • Carry out interviews and focus groups
  • Carry out specific action research
  • Analyse results and provide quantitative and qualitative reports
  • Undertake secondary research on the internet, through academic libraries and multi media
  • Provide specific objectives for your work which will provide a benchmark for social accounting and/or impact reporting purposes
  • Estimate the social value and impact
  • Provide financial reports to accompany your proposal
  • Create a tailored feasibility report to inform stakeholders


Human Resources

The development and management of people in organisations is important to continue the legacy of an organisation, promote growth, capability and capacity. Investment in time and money is required to develop professional competency in staff and volunteers to meet your current and future needs.

Supporting individuals to develop and grow requires performance management, support and guidance and underpinned by robust Human Resources Management systems and policies.

Make it Happen consultants are CIPD qualified in HRM and Volunteering Management and use this knowledge to support the recruitment of staff and volunteers, the creation of robust systems, creation of performance management frameworks, recruitment and retention activities and support the training and development of individuals.

Make it Happen consultants have a wide range of knowledge and experience of volunteer management from positions within charities and volunteering organisations.


The development of partnership working between like minded organisations can prove an excellent way to develop skills, capacity and confidence in a challenging market place. Closer working arrangements with like minded organisations providing similar products and services can lead to formalised collaboration through shared working, knowledge and development. This can lead to the development of a merger between the two organisations.

Although collaboration/merger is not right for all, many organisations discover its potential during time of challenge or hardship.

Make it Happen is able to support and facilitate merger discussions and carry out the preliminary checks and evaluation to assess the feasibility of merger.

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